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ICAO English training and much more...

Saving your time and money. The preparation flight training offered by ProfiPilot Flight School and Aero Language will effectively equip you for both flight exam and the ICAO English Exam.

We won't pass the exam for you, but we'll do everything we can to equip you with the required knowledge and skills.

Flight training is provided by ProfiPilot Group and we strive to provide only the highest quality services. We provide all services ranging from training to exams under one roof, whether it is by our flight school ProfiPilot Academy, or by one of our partner organizations in Europe.

In case some of your qualifications are expired, in ProfiPilot Academy, you have an opportunity to have your qualifications revalidated or renewed by a flight examiner. And in case you are or want to become an examiner yourself, you might be interested in our senior flight examiner service.

FS Flight School Bratislava

ProfiPilot Academy is an organization authorized to provide flight courses and flight training in Bratislava (or wherever needed) pursuant to EASA regulations.

ProfiPilot Academy provides a full scope of modular flight courses ranging from PPL(A) to ATPL(A).

ProfiPilot Academy - ATO is a holder of Approved Training Organization certificate and provides EASA flight training ranging from license skill tests to type rating exams.

As Aero Language, we also cooperate with several training centres which are holders of ATO certification and provide high-quality flight courses and flight training. The flight schools that we cooperate with provide flight courses and flight training for a wide range of clients.

The first step is getting the private pilot license PPL(A), which can be extended by a number of modular trainings such as VFR nightMEP(land)IR(A), up to the airliner cockpit with the frozen ATPL(A).

Professional pilot

Flight training leading to the level of professional pilot is demanding. Whether it's finances, time, or energy, it requires a great deal of dedication. The instructors in ProfiPilot Academy have all had to go through the process as well and they'll gladly help you overcome the obstacles on your way to cockpit.

ICAO English
ICAO English

IE ICAO Examiner Course

Only a licensed ICAO language examiner can administer the ICAO English exams.

To become the ICAO English examiner, you need a TSP/LAB organization which can administratively oversee the ICAO English examAero Language provides this option. You will take part in the initial Language Proficiency Examiner Course under the supervision of our senior examiners, who will equip you for administering the ICAO English exams.

Aero Language gives the opportunity to take the Language Proficiency Examiner Course to applicants including pilots, ATCs, and language specialists. The Language Proficiency Examiner Course is led by our senior examiners, who will equip you with the knowledge and skills needed for the job of the ICAO language examiner.

After successfully passing the Language Proficiency Examiner Course, you will become a qualified ICAO light examiner. If you are a pilot or an ATC, you will also get certified to provide aviation communication exams pursuant to EASA IR English requirements for instrument flight rating applicants.

As an qualified ICAO light examiner, you will be able to administer the ICAO English exam independently under the administrative supervision of Aero Language.

AC Aviation Communication

Aviation communication and radio-phraseology are subjects that should be taught in every flight school during flight training . Effective communication training should be one of the very first parts of flight training . Flight training in order to obtain a private pilot license - PPL(A) or a light aircraft pilot license - LAPL(A) contains both theoretical and practical aspects of aviation communication .

In our case, ProfiPilot Academy flight school provides aviation communication and radio-phraseology training as a part of our EASA approved flight courses .

Aviation communication and radio-phraseology are part of flight training at flight school . Aviation communication and its effective execution on the frequency is one of the ways to spot a professional pilot .

If flight training provided by your flight school was not exactly as it should have been, Aero Language will show you how to speak aviation language effectively . We can therefore supplement flight training provided by a different flight school .

The aviation communication preparation course and the radio-phraseology course are provided in either English or Slovak language. You will mainly learn communication procedures during VFR flights, which are specific for flight training .

Every flight school should administer the radio-phraseology exam before the PPL or LAPL trainee's first solo flight at the latest. If you, however, still feel unsure about flying at busy airports, we'll gladly help you improve your communication skills.

ICAO English
ICAO English

EI EASA IR English Preparation Course

EASA IR English preparation course will effectively equip you for the IR English exam. We are one of the very few organizations in the region providing the IR English course.

The IR English preparation course with its structure will get you familiar with the basic communication procedures used for IFR flights.

You can take part in the IR English preparation course on-site or distance mode. If you chose the distance mode, you only need a laptop or tablet along with a good internet connection. The course can either be provided one to one, or in small groups.

IE ICAO English Course

ICAO English preparation course will get you ready for the ICAO English exam. However, the ICAO English preparation course is not just a period of cramming before the ICAO English exam. To minimize the so-called "washback effect", we take great effort to train you effectively.

The ICAO English preparation course consists of two parts - a technical part and the preparation for the ICAO English exam itself. In the second part, we simulate the process of real-life ICAO English exam. This way, you get the opportunity to experience the exam in its real-life form and you get a feedback from our ICAO English language examiner as well.

You can take part in the ICAO English preparation course on-site or distance mode. If you chose the distance mode, you only need a laptop or tablet along with a good internet connection. The course can either be provided one to one, or in small groups.

ICAO English