Cooperation and rental of flight school services

We're a reliable partner. And not only as an ICAO English Exam provider ...

Aero Language is a reliable partner for training and examination of ICAO language proficiency . We cooperate with a number of airlines , air operators , and flight schools across Europe. Whether you are a  flight school , an  airline , a self-employed language trainer , or a flight examiner , get in touch with us , we will certainly find a common ground.

If you need a reliable partner for your flight training , ProfiPilot Academy Flight School - ATO is the right choice.

FS Flight School

ProfiPilot Academy Flight School is a stable partner for tailored flight training solutions.

Thanks to our rich experience and a team of enthusiastic aviation professionals in ProfiPilot Group, we can provide flight training and flight courses tailored to your needs. As a flight school, we're able to provide whatever qualifications are required by your pilots.

We're not limited to aviation English training and ICAO English exams. We provide a full scope of aviation-related services ranging from PPL/CPL/ATPL to type rating.

Tailored flight training is our specialty

To tailor something to client's needs is easier to say than to do. Often, a whole group of professionals have to contribute in the process. You know your limits and your needs and we are profoundly familiar with legislations, regulations, and their limits. ProfiPilot Flight School and its team are here to discuss the options and find the best solutions.

ICAO English
ICAO English

LT Language Trainers

The ICAO English Exam and the ICAO English preparation course can become a solid side income.

In Aero Language, we'll show you what's what about aviation English, show you how to administer the ICAO English Exams, and along that, we'll teach you what the ICAO English level is and how to asses it. If you do not work in aviation, we'll introduce you basic aviation and technical matters. We won't make a pilot of you, but you'll become familiar with the needed aviation-related background.

You can provide the ICAO English Exams and the ICAO English preparation courses as a stand-alone service under your own brand. Or, if interested, you can make use of our franchising. It's entirely up to you and up to our agreement.

Interested in learning more on how a trainer of English language becomes an ICAO English examiner? Contact Aero Language.

FE Flight Examiners

If you are a flight examiner administering flight examsAero Language gives you an opportunity to extend your examiner ratings. Afterwards, you can provide the ICAO English Exams as a part of licenserevalidation, and renewal flight exams. Also, you can provide the ICAO English Exams as a part of operator proficiency check - OPC on a flight simulator.

Many pilots will surely appreciate this service as they can effectively save time by hitting two birds with one stone.

If you need to administer instrument flight rating skill test and the applicant is a fresh IFR pilot, you can administer the IFR skill test along with the IR English exam.

How to get a language proficiency examiner rating? It's simple - you give us a call.

Flight exam with a qualified examiner for your students? Our flight examiners provide the testings exactly as needed, required, and expected by EASA.

ProfiPilot Flight School - high-quality flight exams and professional flight training.

ICAO English
ICAO English

FS Flight Schools

Aero Language is authorized to provide ICAO English exams . Apart from that, Aero Language may have authorizations that your flight school lacks, but could make use of. The ICAO English exam is required for all international flights for all pilots including pilots in training.

It all depends on you and on the scope of your flight training . We can tailor our cooperation to your needs.

It is therefore possible for the pilots who will be trained by your flight school to undertake the radio-phraseology exam and the ICAO English exam before starting or during the training itself.

We are, however, able to offer flight schools much more. If you are an Approved training organization certified flight school , we can offer you an IR English exam in accordance with FCL.055, which we provide as the only organization in Slovakia. Also, we can take care of services focusing predominantly on aviation communication . Your school will therefore have one less matter to take care of as we can manage the whole administrative process.

Interested in learning more about our offers for  flight schools ? Contact Aero Language .

Flight exam with a qualified examiner for your students? Our flight examiners provide the tests exactly as needed, required, and expected.

A Airlines

We provide the ICAO English Exam for aircrew as a turnkey solution (wet lease) or as a dry lease option.

If you need to carry out the ICAO English Exam often or you have a great number of pilots, one of the options is that the ICAO English Exam is carried out by your employee(s) in your airline.

In case you are a smaller airline, you might be interested in the ICAO English Exam provided by our language proficiency flight examiner. Of course, the exam can be delivered directly at your place.

These are the two most popular solutions. However, we are able to tailor our services to your specific needs. Contact us and we'll be happy to discuss them in person.

Do you want to know more about our potential cooperation? Contact Aero Language.

How to obtain language proficiency examiner competency? It's simple - give us a call.

Exam for your pilotsFlight examiner handles exams and associated administration exactly as as needed.

ProfiPilot Flight School - a reliable partner for flight courses and professional flight training.

ICAO English